Sunday, 20 June 2010

Humph's Hilly Half Marathon

Well it should not come as a suprise that Humph's Hilly half marathon is a hilly half marathon. Very hilly, but that said exactly what I wanted to run.

A warm summer's evening race starting at 6.30pm it's a single loop course starting and finishing in Bourton-on-the-water. It takes in a number of villages on the route and as the race starter suggested you'd do well to take in some of the scenic views along the route.

You know what you're in for within a short distance of the start which turns straight into a hill. From the first hill it's then a fairly flat or downhill run towards mile 7. Miles 7 to 10 are continually uphill. An arduous climb!

There is a bit of a silver lining. Once you've managed to get to mile 10 it's mostly a downhill/undulating run into the finish.

Humph's Hilly Half Marathon was a testing course, which was well marshalled and supported throughout. Water and sponges every three miles or so and a pretty cool long sleeve t-shirt for finishing.

Why the humph's hilly half marathon?
"This race is dedicated to Steve Humphries - 1960-2007
(Bourton Roadrunners) club secretary 1982-2001
driving force behind the hilly half
inspiration & support to all of us
veteran of over 100 marathons
one of life's good guys"

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