Monday, 16 March 2009

Black Park parkrun #5

I took a trip down to the Black Park parkrun on Saturday. It's massively out of the way I know but it looked the closest parkrun to the midlands. I was on a bit of a fact finding mission as i'm fairly keen to see one started up in Coventry and wanted to know what was involved. I have to say I was very impressed!
I arrived fairly early and there were a few cars in the car park. I took a bit of a wander to warm up and returned about 15 minutes later to a much fuller car park and a buzz in the air.

I made my way up to where the runners were gathering around the enquiry desk (handily located picnic bench) and just soaked up the atmosphere. There was about 80 people taking part in the run. A pleasing mixture of young and not so young, male/female.
Everyone lined up for the start and we were off on a well signposted, simple route on a gravel track around the park. Four lefts, two rights and before I knew it, it's over! and i'm heading to the finishing line - ushered on by an encouraging cyclist. On the line your time is recorded and then you're given a position token.

It took a couple of minutes to queue to register my name against my position token on the computer with the run organisers, but nothing off-putting. It gave me a chance to take some much need breath. Once that was done that was it, a well organised process from start to finish.

I stood and watched the rest of the participants finishing off and then headed home again.
Some of the other runners headed to a nearby cafe but I had to start the trek home.
A few hours later I recevied an email detailing my time for the day's run and then a couple more hours later and all the details are up on the site ready for viewing.

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