Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coventry running route - Draycote Water Park

Draycote Water Park is about 25 minutes from the centre of Coventry.

Upon entry, make sure you pay and display at the machine as you drive through the entrance or you'll be trekking back to get your ticket. I've never seen a ticket being given but there can surely be now great-run-high killer than seeing a ticket on your windscreen on your return.

The route is fairly straight forward. Each lap of the reservoir is approximately 5 miles. Pick your start point and off you go. The paths are well kept and there are facilities at the entrance to the park. The visitor centre is currently closed which is a bit of a shame.

There are always many other people out walking, running, cycling the route but there's plenty of room for everyone (do keep your ears/eyes open on some bends for cyclists/other runners). The route is flat along two sides of the route and the others are, to me, hilly - a few fairly short, steep climbs up and then back down again. I didn't think this at the time but this mix of flat/hills are a great route for training on.

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  1. I love running around Draycote - it's a great course! Nice tarmac so no risk of ankle twisting and that glorious long, straight section on the west side of the res for a bit of a sprint! Love it.

  2. and the alpaca watching if you're in serious need of distraction...