Sunday, 29 May 2011

Malvern half-marathon

I felt quite good about things after the 10k race. The knees knew they had been running quite hard but there was no rise in the pain level which was a good thing. My general training had been going well and i've logged a lot of longer. On that basis I decided to enter the Malvern half-marathon. I looked around for a nice 10-miler but couldn't find one for the timescale I was looking for.

Now the Malvern half-marathon was a really good test.
The race is in aid of Acorns Children Hospice
and there are shorter distances of 1km and 5km run at the same time.

For the race itself
I had a good first 10 miles. I ran faster than I had originally thought I could/would be able to but when things were feeling ok and I just decided to go with it.

This was a great run. There's great scenery, plenty of water stations and support all along the route. I managed to get my shoulder sunburned - I didn't realise how hot it actually was in places as there was quite a strong headwind.

After the 10 mile mark I started run-walking. There were a lot of others doing the same and chatting to people on the way round there were a few who'd done this race before and were finding it tough going.

All in this was a personal worse for me for the half-marathon distance. This was one of the most enjoyable races i've done - not just the course and the organisation, but also the feeling of being back doing something that I really enjoy. I just need to get a lot more miles in my legs to make sure I can get round a bit more easily!

Ooo and you get quite a nice medal too:

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