Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Time flies when you're having fun

So it's now July, not quite sure where the time has gone but still managed to get a few runs in here and there. Actually there has been a steady increase in mileage over the past few weeks and distance wise i'm back up to half-marathon level. Half-marathon level meaning i'm able to cover that distance without too many issues.

Two Castles Run
I really like this run. I'm not sure if it's just the route but running out of one castle and finishing in another is a fairly unique event. Well supported run and a PB for my running buddy so all good.

Colworth Half
The Colworth Marathon Challenge is a suite of three races which take place over three consecutive days. The races consist of a 5 mile run, an 8.1 mile trail race, and a half marathon; all of which adds up to a full marathon distance. Races may be entered in any combination, i.e. you may enter one, two or all three.

I entered just the half-marathon and was very glad I did. There was very little shade on what was one of the hottest days of the year - I remembered sun cream this time so at least I didn't burn. This was a mostly trail course - a first for me. Final result was the worst time i've recorded for a half-marathon. Oddly enough I thoroughly enjoyed this. Well marshaled, plenty of very welcome water and a very pleasant route. It's a two lap course which had the advantage that I knew what was coming up course wise, but also the disadvantage that I knew what was coming up course wise. I'll hopefully be back at this next year!

Sphinx AC Summer Five road 5M
I was finally available and fit enough to run a Sphinx race. This was 5 miles in and around the War Memorial Park. Managed to run 5 miles at a progressive pace and set a new 5 mile PB at the same time - admittedly not done many 5 milers but knocked a good 5 minutes off the last one in April.

The marshals on the course were friendly, the course was undulating (hate that word as it's used to describe nearly anything from just above flat to mountainous) and there are some testing up bits in the War Memorial Park that i'd forgotten about. Very friendly race and lots of water and cake at the end.

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