Friday, 11 November 2011

Changing what's displayed on the training screen of a Garmin 405

OK so i finally got around to doing somethings that's irked me for a little while now - a while being about two years!

When I go for a run, Gary (my Garmin 405 or Gary the Garmin to those that have had the pleasure of running with him attached) is set by default to display time, lap pace and distance on the training screen. This is a good default, but i've always wanted to see what my average pace for the whole run is. After a very brief search of the manual I can now do this.

The training screen displays Data Fields that are defined by Garmin. You can however set up other ones that you want to see. You can also add extra screens to view (if you haven't got enough to be concentrating on making sure you put one foot in front of the other correctly).

Borrowing this from the Garmin 405 manual you can show or hide the following pages and customize up to three data fields on each of the pages:
  • Training 1 (always shown)
  • Training 2
  • Training 3
  • Heart Rate (only appears when the Forerunner is receiving heart rate data)
To set data fields:
  1. Touch and hold menu > select Settings > Data Fields.
  2. Select one of the training pages
  3. Select the number of data fields
  4. Use the bezel to select and change the data fields (list of data fields at bottom of the page)
  5. Repeat for each page you wish to customize.
There's also a useful video that shows you how to do this:

Data Field Options
* Denotes a field showing statute or metric units.
Data Field Description
Cadence– Avg ** Average cadence for the duration of your current ride.
Cadence– Lap ** Average cadence for the current lap.
Calories Number of calories burned.
Distance * Distance traveled on the current run.
Dist–Lap * Distance traveled in the current lap.
Dist–Last Lap * Distance of the last completed lap.
Elevation * Distance above/ below sea level.
GPS Accuracy Margin of error for your exact location. For example, your GPS location is accurate to within +/- 19 ft.

Calculation of rise over run. For example, if for every 10 feet you climb (elevation) you travel 200 feet (distance), your grade is 5%.
HR Heart rate in beats per minute (bpm).
HR–%Max Percentage of maximum heart rate.

HR Zone
Current range of heart rate (1–5). The default zones are based on your maximum heart rate and user profile.
HR–Avg Average heart rate for the run.
HR–Avg %Max Average percentage of maximum heart rate for the run.
HR–Lap Average heart rate for the lap.
HR–Lap %Max Average percentage of maximum heart rate for the lap.
Heading Current direction you are traveling.
Laps Amount of laps completed.
Pace * Current pace.
Pace–Avg * Average pace for the run.
Pace–Lap * Average pace in the current lap.
Pace–Last Lap * Average pace during the last full lap.
Speed * Current speed.
Speed–Avg * Average speed for the run.
Speed–Lap * Average speed in the current lap.
Speed–Last Lap * Average speed during the last full lap.
Sunrise Time of sunrise based on your GPS position.
Sunset Time of sunset based on your GPS position.
Time Stopwatch time.
Time–Avg Lap Average time to complete the laps so far.
Time–Lap Amount of time in the current lap.
Time–Last Lap Amount of time to complete the last full lap.
Time Of Day Current time of day based on your time settings (format, time zone, and daylight saving time).

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