Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Grim: Night Terror challenge (part the first)

My brother and I did the Grim challenge a few years ago. The GRIM is held over the Army’s vehicle testing tracks so expect it to be interesting - it certainly was!

It's a testing course itself and that's before you get to the obstacles that they devise - waist deep in water and knee dip in mud in the middle of December (back when December was cold!) to name but a few. I have fond memories of this run - not least some of the photos that have looks of shock and "what the hell are we doing this for" looks on our faces.

We've been relatively sensible since then so of course when we heard about the GRIM Night Terror - basically a similar run but at night - I got our entries in straight away.

Never done a night time race before and looking forward to this. We're both running with dodgy ankles at the moment, so a steady run that sees us finishing in as good a shape as we started is hopefully on the cards.

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