Thursday, 5 January 2012

Massey Runners Christmas Pace Race

Ahh Christmas. A time for relaxation and the odd bit of feasting. Oh and some running too. Quite a bit of running actually which makes for a change and a more enjoyable Christmas time. There's something quite brilliant about soaking up the Christmas atmosphere whilst out on a run. This can be anything from the wintry weather to runs in the dark mornings that are only lit by the sporadic appearance of Christmas lights whilst on a run.

I manage to get to a few races over Christmas. First up was the Massey Runners Christmas Pace Race. A 3.55 mile course along the tarmac footpaths of Coventry War Memoiral Park. It's a race with a difference - predict your finishing time, the runner closest to their prediction is the winner. NO WATCHES / GPS / MOBILES ALLOWED!! It's one of those race that i've always wanted to do but for whatever reason over the past few years i've not managed to get to.

The race started at 11am and as you've probably figured out you run your own race to your own pace and aim to finish as close to your predicted time as possible. It's not as easy as it sounds and it's always useful to try to remember what your predicted time is before starting. I managed to get quite close to my time which was a little bit of a shock! The overall winner got within one second of his predicted time which given the course and the distance is quite an achievement!

It's a local race with around 40 runners this year. It's well supported by Massey Runners and some of the local running clubs. Out on the course there were plenty of supportive marshals. After everyone had finished there were some nice looking spot prizes given out followed by the prize giving itself. A good, different style of race and one for next year if the diary permits!

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