Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tour de parkrun - Glasgow parkrun

We were away for the New Year weekend visiting family in Scotland. Luckily I was quite close to two parkruns and managed to take part at Glasgow parkrun on New Year's Day.

After around 4 hours sleep the night before I, surprisingly, really enjoyed this parkrun. It takes place in Pollock Country Park along tarmac paths.

There was a first-timer briefing a few minutes before the start and part of this covered the topic that Glasgow had been voted the toughest parkrun course. I think i'd missed or forgotten that nugget of information! It didn't deter just under 100 other parkrunners from taking part though.

The start sends you downhill and i'm pleased to report that there's a steep downhill run to the finish! It's just the bits in between where you have to do a bit of work. There's great support from volunteers and spectators throughout and it's a very friendly atmosphere.

There was a well stocked bring and share gathering after the parkrun, but unfortunately I couldn't stay.


  1. Sorry you couldn't stay for a coffee and chat, we're quite a friendly buch :-)

  2. Thanks Ian, i'm sure there will be a return visit so definitely next time!