Friday, 17 August 2012


Mainly a note to self.

If you get an injury keep a log so that you can review and compare in the future - where the aches are; what, if anything, you've done differently; what you did to resolve the issue.

My knees have started being sore again. I've been doing all the physio exercises quite regularly. This often involves 40 minutes of knee exercises/stretching in the gym of a morning. This helped to resolve a similar issue last time so a bit unsure as to what the cause is this time.

I've taken a bit of break from running for the last couple of weeks and have started cycling again. Not sure if that helps or hinders but I need to keep my core, aerobic fitness to at least some level.

I've had my gait rechecked - i know that was a long shot but wanted to be sure.

I've been foam rollering and that seems to help particularly around the left hip where there something wasn't feeling quite right. Sort of empty, grove where there should be a muscle.

Anyway just a log so I can come back and check on this if it happens again.

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