Sunday, 23 March 2014

Coventry Half Marathon 23 March 2014

There's been an 18 month wait since the last Coventry half marathon. So, it was with some trepidation and nerves that we arrived at the start are for the 2014 Coventry half marathon. Coventry deserves a half marathon to be proud - would this be delivered?

We met up with fellow club mates in the area outside the Coventry Transport Museum and we soon made our way to the start. A new, short walk to the start line through The Burges - but effective way to make sure everyone was given the opportunity to start in an area relating to their finish times.

From the start there was a mile and a half loop taking in the City Centre. The route then takes you out through Radford, Allesley and Coundon.

The first seven and half miles of the course are undulating/hilly but after this point there's definitely a more downward direction to your running - the majority of the last few miles are downhill. There is a final climb before the last mile run in to the finish but once you break that it's plain sailing.

From the start the race was well supported. Running through several areas there was a large amount of support from all quarters which was welcomed. Running through a red and white balloon arch on Butt Lane where a number of club mates had gathered was brilliant, but the support from crowds throughout was pretty fantastic.

The crowds thinned in certain areas, around Corley for instance - but a music station had been set up at the side of the road which was quite welcome (and well thought out).

Water stations were well manned and plentifully supplied.

Overall this was one of the best Coventry half marathon's that i've done. It was the best crowd i've ever seen at a Cov half. The organisation was smooth and I was unaware of any issues from pre to post race. (Routing the start to pass more of the cathedral would be an added bonus for next time but I can see why that might not be welcomed by all).

This was an event I was happy to have taken part in and one that Coventrians should be proud of. More of the same within a year (plus or minus a couple of weeks) please.

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